Hello world!

On August 14, 2009, my husband and I flew to Pittsburgh from DesMoines on Midwest Airlines.  It was the days before we did online check-in, and I saved the torn-off end of the boarding pass because of its “Notice” on the back which read:  “This portion of the ticket should be retained as evidence of your journey.”

I keep this as a page marker in a book I read daily.  It’s a book with dated entries like:

“January 1:  The New Year”

“January 2:  Healthy Limits”

“January 3:  Nurturing Self-Care”

This book very nearly jumped off the shelf at me a number of years ago when I was in a setting that threatened to eat me up slowly from the inside out.  The bookmark reminds me that I am on a journey and, for good or ill, I retain pieces of evidence from that journey.

Some evidence takes the form of tokens, like this ticket stub.  Other evidence is made up of memories and the various emotions that accompany them.  And some of the evidence I retain are stories–stories that I hope to share here.

I find that writing is a way to connect with myself, and writing publicly helps remind me that I’m not alone, that my stories aren’t for me only.  I realize no one may read these stories, and if they do, they may not care that they did.  But stories are meant to be shared.

Recently I heard someone say, “If you tell your story, it opens up a space for others to tell theirs.”

What’s your story?  What evidence do you have of your journey?


3 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. It is such an interesting idea to look at what you have collected as evidence of the journey of life. Last summer when I was sitting in my little house in Nebraska, I was looking at all the things around my living room that represented so many people and places that I have encountered. Evidence of my journey!

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  2. I had the best of intent several years ago to start a blog – selected a service (probably Blog Spot or WordPress), thought of a name, and pondered a number of topics. Never got past that step, though. Hopefully you have better success.


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