Confessions of an Intermittent Beginning Blogger

It’s been several months since the last blog post.

I wonder how many blogs start with those words?

Carrie Newcomer wrote a song called “Before and After,” and repeated lyrics speak of the writer forgiving herself “for what she didn’t ask her,” “for what I didn’t know,” and “for what didn’t matter.”  I try to take Ms. Newcomer’s words to heart when I think about things like falling off the blogging wagon.

It’s a challenge to write.  It’s a challenge to write regularly.  It’s a challenge to write regularly when there’s a critic who lives in my head, wondering (vainly) about what is written.

I’ll forgive myself for what I don’t know and for what doesn’t matter.  Thank you, Carrie Newcomer.

[Insert a well-worded transition of your own here, because one didn’t come to mind for me.]

When I leave my office at the end of the work day, I drive past a hospital, then come to a stop sign where two lanes of traffic wait to turn.  I am always in the right turn lane, and about half the time there is also someone in the left turn lane.

One day while waiting for traffic to pass and sitting a few moments in the right lane, I glanced to the left, watching the traffic driving perpendicular to my route.  My gaze settled for a moment on the man in the car next to me.  It was an older car and an older man.  Gray car.  Gray hair.  Imagining that he had just come from visiting an ailing loved one at the hospital, I wondered if there would be a way to offer a time of story sharing for people who are hospitalized and their family members and close friends.  What if this time of story sharing could give people the chance to say what they needed to say in order to help whatever healing process they might be needing?  The term “Healing Stories” came to mind, and for the next few weeks, whenever I thought of Healing Stories, my own spirit settled down a bit inside of me.

I was at the same stop sign a month later.  I was in the right turn lane and a middle aged woman with dark hair was in the left turn lane beside me.  We both stopped only momentarily before moving on.  Healing Stories came to mind again, this time with the thought that maybe Healing Stories can be drawn out and shared at random intervals in our lives, at times when we stop and sit next to someone long enough to ask a question or allow our own stories to be drawn out for the sharing.

I have a feeling that these spaces and times for sharing healing stories are all over the place, and I’m going to try to start looking for them, noticing them and settling into whatever time there is for sharing.  How about you?  What are your opportunities to open yourself to Healing Stories?


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