Holding Stories

My friend Vera and I love to talk stories.  We swap books about stories. And four times a year we get together for the better part of a day to dive into conversation about stories and their importance in communities and between individuals.

One day an image came to mind.  It was that Vera and I are like panes of glass that act as a base upon which frost can paint its art each winter.  I had this feeling that our job is to hold stories.  Not hold on to them, keeping stories to ourselves like secrets.  But I think we are to keep being the big fans of stories that we are, and, well, I don’t know what else.

For my part, I guess I keep listening.  I keep loving it when people tell me their stories.  Lately, I had the chance to go to a storytelling workshop and then to visit a Lutheran church in St. Paul, Minnesota that holds a story sharing event four times a year in a neighborhood bar.

Inspired by Brene’ Brown and her book  The Gifts of Imperfection, one day I took a stack of post-it notes and wrote down quotes about stories, storytelling resources, listening tips and more, one on each post-it.  Then they went on a wall in my home.  Vera and I met and shared her notes and mine.

A couple weeks ago I took a stab at launching a website as a way to organize the resources we’ve been finding and talking about.  I’d love your input on what could be part of the site and the resources about sharing stories that inspire you.

I don’t know what holding stories means.  But I think it’s beautiful.

IMG_6191 (1)


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